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December 2016

Talent Gap Issues? 6 Reasons To Use a Retained Search Firm.


Failure to find talent can be found everywhere.  This Talent Gap recruitment failure appears at all employment levels, but is most costly in top leadership, management, sales, high tech and/or healthcare, but not exclusively.  A Retained Search Firm is usually brought in when other sources have failed.  Great Retained Search Firms, by necessity, find ideal talent quickly, quietly and confidentially for highly competitive, sensitive, confidential and/or uniquely defined roles.  The right firm will produce superior results at significantly lower costs than “in-house” recruitment. This is because true total “in-house” recruitment costs are not considered, asked for, poorly defined, not fully calculated or ignored.

Companies cannot find great talent, yet want to make certain they hire the best candidate.

This is part of the “Talent Gap” challenge. WASERPA brings access to the “Best in Class” known, hidden, unknown and/or passive talent available.  This is vital to all employers. Employers cannot know all candidates and/or, for ethical reasons, may not be able to talk to the ones they do know.  While 94% of internal [as well as external] recruiters use Linkedin to search actively for candidates, only 34% of candidates do the same to find new employers.

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