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Talent Gap Issues? 6 Reasons To Use a Retained Search Firm.

Failure to find talent can be found everywhere.  This Talent Gap recruitment failure appears at all employment levels, but is most costly in top leadership, management, sales, high tech and/or healthcare, but not exclusively.  A Retained Search Firm is usually

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Great Leadership Driven Cultures and a Great Workplace Are a Choice? ……… Here are two actual opposite outcomes. “Choose Wisely!”

Here are two dramatic examples, representing two actual companies, tracing how two opposite leadership driven cultures went about solving the same issue.  For simplicity sake both had $10 Million in sales/revenue, a 10% profit margin and 200 employees (20 management

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Let’s Be Very Clear! Finance controlled HR is not HR using data and analytics?

Part 5/6 Using a lack of talented applicants as an example: Finance, CFOs or x-CFO-CEOs have HR look at the problem as the cost of not filling critical positions and the increased never ending training of hires and NEOs.   Finance

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Talent Beyond Borders, Human Resources in Cross U.S. – China Business

John Hagen, President and Managing Partner of Washington Search Partners, moderated a 5 person panel “Talent Beyond Boarders” for the Washington State China Relations Council in June. Sponsored by Davis Wright Tremaine, Washington State China Relations Council, WASERPA and working closely with

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Great Cultures Promote Candidate/Employee Retention?

Companies with great cultures know their cultures promote and reward employee retention.  However, most companies don’t know or understand their cultures repel employees from both applying and/or staying.  Reversing the talent drain by creating a culture of candidate retention will take

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Great cultures, wages, benefits and people policies produce GREATER PROFITS….not less! Higher sales/revenue, performance, profits and great people policies are not mutually exclusive Fortune 500 organizations with great cultures and leadership are 105% more profitable than those without! Similarly, companies

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LEAN Culture Implosion and the Talent Gap

Another contributing answer for “Talent Gap Blindness” and the internal cultural talent problem can be found in Steve Gandara & Randall Benson of “Excellent Cultures” four part post on the inevitable LEAN Implosion (or any SixSigma, SAP, Kaizen, Continuous Improvement

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