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Executive Search

Leadership, STEM and HR Search

Washington Search Partners finds the hard and impossible to hire talent – the needles in haystacks. Although we work with Fortune 1000 companies, over time we have utilized our extensive search expertise to specialize in helping Northwest emerging and growing small to mid-cap companies find the talent they need to grow into the future.

Great people are always out there. We find them when you can’t or don’t believe they exist; and, we never stop or give up until they are onboard. This is our commitment to you. To do anything else is unethical and totally lacking integrity.

We work directly with the top leadership of companies. Our Typical clients include those: 1.) Going through expansion and/or emerging onto the business scene. These companies might be in direct competition to, or disruptive to, a particular industry segment; or, 2.) Organizations needing additional or replacement leadership to develop and attain new strategic goals; or, 3.) Family run organizations possibly needing outside leadership for the first time; or, 4.) Companies who cannot identify, attract, hire and/or retain top talent (meaning almost every company).

That’s what we do.

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