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John Hagen was a VIP Guest of the China Entrepreneur Netwark



John Hagen, President and Managing Partner of Washington Search Partners and Consulting, was an invited VIP guest of Yu-Liang (Andy) Liu (pictured above), Co-President of the University of Washington’s China Entrepreneurial Network. Ten incredible and outstanding start-up products and services were unveiled and presented by accomplished enthusiastic UofW student groups.  One of the winners was Decaf Style, headed by Andy Liu.  Decaf Style is an affordable single use consumer product designed to remove caffeine from any cup of coffee in one minute…..saving money, the environment and reducing or eliminating the potentially harmful effects of decaf coffee on humans ….AMAZING‼!

Congratulations to Andy, the Decaf Style group and all the groups who participated.   Thoroughly exciting and enjoyable‼!  Great Job‼

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to be part of the China Business Challenge.


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