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Meet the Partners

John Hagen

President and Managing Partner

John oversees business development for the firm, leads his industry sectors’ executive recruitment* and heads the Business, Human Resources and Culture Consulting Practice. John has overseen the transformation and restructuring of both emerging and $BBillion brands, 5 highly successful IPOs, 8+ public to private transitions and 50+ M&As in the U.S., Canada, the Americas, EU and Asia/Asia-Pacific as COO, CMO, CAO and CPO. He knows what leadership is, what it looks like and how it transforms organizations. His passion is helping solve the small to mid-cap company’s leadership transition.

Beginning his career with Nordstrom in Seattle, WA, John is recognized as a Culture, Human Resources, Employee and Labor Relations, Talent and Organizational Strategy and Development authority. His training programs along with contributions to, Talent Management, Chief Learning Officer, Workforce Magazines, his blog and LinkedIn are timely, visionary and solidly business based.

John is a life-long resident of the Pacific Northwest. He currently sits on the Pension Research Council at the Wharton School and the Business Intelligence Board for Chief Learning Officers and Magazine. He attained a Chemistry and History (double major) and the MILR equivalent from UofW/USC/UCLA/University of Hawaii; holds CTP, TT, CHRE, HRMS, PHR, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Ceridian, LEAN, Six Sigma and SAP certifications; and, is a Certified Process, Work Flow Engineer and Management Systems Analyst.

*Industry Sectors:
Retail (all channels), Food and Hospitality
Manufacturing (apparel, consumer goods, decor, electronics, high-tech, industrial durable and non-durable) Human Resources – Culture/Talent/Acquisition/Development/Diversity
STEM – Science, Technical, Engineering and Math/Medical
Financial Services (VC, PE, Investment and Traditional Banking Investment and Development)
Warehousing, Shipping/Logistics/Fulfillment/Transportation
Real Estate Development Management
Business Services

We work directly with the top leadership of companies: 1.) Going through expansion and/or emerging onto the business scene. These companies might be in direct competition to, or disruptive to, a particular industry segment; or, 2.) Organizations needing additional or replacement leadership to develop and attain new strategic goals; or, 3.) Family run organizations possibly needing outside leadership for the first time; or, 4.) Companies who cannot identify, attract, hire and/or retain top talent (meaning almost every company).

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Main Office: 206-219-3648

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