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Our Process

Our Process

The lack of specialized, high value and key leadership people is a nearly impossible challenge for everyone. The possibility of a top candidate wandering around unemployed or actively looking is unlikely. This is called The Talent Gap – “the tightest labor markets in modern history”, according to Alan Greenspan. Successful recruiting today requires more than one or two sources of top talent. Leadership and HR, in general, and STEM and Healthcare industries, in particular, are the most difficult. Whether you have been recruiting on your own and/or using an outside firm, you know how difficult it is.

Our Seattle staff has 80+ years of combined successful experience finding the hard and impossible to find talent. We do customized personalized recruitment – the tough and specialized, high-value (not high volume), high performing, Leadership and HR recruitment.

We take the time get to know you, your pain points, your company’s uniqueness, its challenges and dreams. As a result we find people surpassing your job requirements that also meet your targeted values and cultural fit. We can do this because we use this information to produce the same personalized approach for the candidates we recruit.

We actually want to meet you in person – one on one. This is just the first $0 cost step in how you can leverage what we do exceedingly well. Our initial consultation, advice and recommendations are also free. These are other $0 cost steps you can take in solving your recruitment issues. If you have a growth or reorganization strategy, only the best people can make it happen. We would like to help you succeed. We never fail and we will not fail you.

This is our commitment to you.

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