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Talent Gap Issues? 6 Reasons To Use a Retained Search Firm.

Failure to find talent can be found everywhere.  This Talent Gap recruitment failure appears at all employment levels, but is most costly in top leadership, management, sales, high tech and/or healthcare, but not exclusively.  A Retained Search Firm is usually

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Great Leadership Driven Cultures and a Great Workplace Are a Choice? ……… Here are two actual opposite outcomes. “Choose Wisely!”

Here are two dramatic examples, representing two actual companies, tracing how two opposite leadership driven cultures went about solving the same issue.  For simplicity sake both had $10 Million in sales/revenue, a 10% profit margin and 200 employees (20 management

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Great Cultures Promote Candidate/Employee Retention?

Companies with great cultures know their cultures promote and reward employee retention.  However, most companies don’t know or understand their cultures repel employees from both applying and/or staying.  Reversing the talent drain by creating a culture of candidate retention will take

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John Hagen and Catherine Pierce-Waserpa

Another poor 2016 forecast for talent appeared in, “Capturing Talent Chief Concern Among CFOs” from Deloitte’s Q3 2015 CFO report.

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A Starbucks and Google HR Evening in Seattle, Moderated by Accenture’s Catherine Farley

John Hagen and Catherine Pierce-Waserpa

Recently, an estimated group of 100 company and HR leaders were invited to a“future of employment” forum in Seattle, Washington, sponsored by Scott Pitasky, Executive Vice President and Chief Partner (Human) Resources Officer of Starbucks, Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President,

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